In the world of blogging, there are an infinite amount of casualties, lonely collections of entries left to hang in the web of forgotten intentions.  I know, because not only have a branded a few of those sad spaces, but there have been many times when the abandoned blogs are the keepers of the name I have so eloquently constructed that there could be no way in hell it exists.  I angrily punch in the address to see what this author, who has so imprudently chosen my name for their space, has done with their page.  Too many times the space comes up blank, with only the title of the blog staring at me with a taunting chuckle. I came to create LoveBite with the better intention of keeping it alive.  It will be filled to the brim with all the bits and pieces of the world I love: art, design, food, drink, pictures and words (and my Chihuahua mutt).  Take a look around and get cozy, there’s a lot to discover in life.


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