Wish List: StyleMint

Who would have thought that the scrunchie, flowered-jumper wearing twins that ruled Full House would one day turn into fashion divas (famous pout still intact, of course). StyleMint, founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, is a one-stop online dressingroom for all of us with a healthy love of snatching up the best of the best in trending styles. The great thing about the Mint family (theres a category for every obsession) is it’s affordability.  If you find yourself racking up most of monthly expenses through shoe therapy for example, hop on to ShoeMint and check out the monthly subscription offer. You can get most styles for under $30 as a member and you can decide to skip a month when you need to pinch those pennies or rack up credit for a rainy day. The best part about this site: you make a style profile by browsing through and rating a range of clothing, shoe and accessory choices, and they personalize a showroom based on your preferences.

Every once in a while StyleMint makes us happy little fashionmongers and brings out the Mystery Box. A package of goodness that includes 3 pieces from your member showroom (and if your lucky sometimes more!). It’s a fashion packed steal at around $29.00, with the loot well worth over $100.00. If you head over now, there’s boxes up for grabs for the next couple of days; Christmas is definitely coming early at LoveBite and we can’t wait to reveal the pieces we find in ours!


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